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MAYhem, two months later and COVID 19 is yet still the focus with cases increasing at an all-time high. While having to bury our family and friends while others aren’t allowed to visit loved ones who have contracted the virus it has been a journey. Even while using our self-care remedies it feels that we can’t catch a break.


M- Maintaining has become one of the hardest things to do.

E- Encouragement is needed during this time.

N- Nothing Last Forever!!

T- Take time away from social media and tv broadcasting…. It becomes draining after a while.

A- Appreciate the small things in life.

L- Listen to your body, mind and soul.

H- Healthy eating & living habits are still important currently.

E- Educate yourself on the virus.

A- Alleviate anxiety as much as possible by meditating.

L- Live life to the fullest.

T- Treat yourself.

H- Hold on….. Better days are coming.

Much Love!!

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