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Forever Thankful.... Hello November. The leaves are falling, the weather is changing, but a lot of the same worries and challenges that started 2020 still exist. We are still facing the harsh pandemic of coronavirus... still trying to create a new norm of working from home, learning from home, and ZOOM has become the #1 platform across the world. Although it has been a rocky year, this is the season to be thankful. In this season, we have adjusted to the new normal and found ways to work through the feelings of isolation, sadness, depression, anxiety and much more. Although this wont be the normal month of NOVEMBER where families get together in large groups for thanksgiving dinners, traveling to spend time with loved ones, it will still be a season to be thankful to be one step closer to making it through another year. Despite all that has happened this year, we have a lot to acknowledge and be thankful for. So in order to make it make sense and really appreciate all that we have outside of what we may have faced in 2020, I challenge anyone reading this blog to write something they are thankful for each day. (30 days of thankfulness)

Some examples of things I am thankful for...

  1. Thankful to still have income coming in during this season.

  2. Thankful to have a place to live.

  3. Thankful that my father was able to fight COVID-19 and is still here with us today.

  4. Thankful to have such an amazing support system.

  5. Thankful for THE IMPRINT making it through its first year in business.

This is just to name a few. Sometimes its hard to really process all the blessings we have encountered in this year with all the unexpected life changes we have faced. The goal with this assignment is to give each individual the chance to sit down and process the things that they have overcame in this year. It will assist in really being appreciative of all the things we still have to be thankful for.... despite the current circumstances.

Much Love


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