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Fall Back Into September

As we prepare to enter into yet another season, with the SAME problems, we must find a way to stay encouraged, HOPEFUL, and most importantly informed. Students have returned to school, some employees have returned to work, and while the PANDEMIC is still affecting us all daily in one way or another, AMERICA wants us to find a way to live with a sense of "normalcy". What does your "new" normal look like for you during this time? How have you adjusted thus far with all that is going on? Who can you discuss your emotions and feelings with about the life changes faced during the year of 2020? Some of us think of these things on a daily basis, while others are not so into being consumed with their inner thoughts. As we work through the Month of September and enter a new season, The Imprint challenges you all to start finding the answers to your questions. Without understanding and certainty, it becomes difficult for us as beings to move forward. Now is the time to look deep within ourselves and FALL BACK into who we truly are.

Steps to take to support you in finding the calm within the STORM

  1. Spend time with family/friends as often as possible (while adhering to safety precautions)

2. Take part in Self-Care activities regularly (art therapy, nature walks, yoga, workouts, etc...)

3. Take breaks from news/social media as needed to have Mental Break from being overwhelmed with tons of information.

4. Take Mental Health Days from work/school when appropriate to be able to reach full POTENTIAL.

5. STAY ENCOURAGED and sign up for one of our Imprint programs during this season if needing extra support :) remember we are here to HELP!.

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