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Ohhh what a year it has been... it seems it had just started, but here we are counting down the days until 2020 Concludes. To say this year was a wild crazy rollercoaster would be an understatement. From start to finish, many of us have faced loss, depression, anxiety, sadness, confusion, numbness and much more... but however, we are still blessed to even be able to see the end of still share these moments with our friends and loved ones... and although its been so many mixed emotions throughout the year, we have learned the gift of appreciation, forgiveness, and spreading love. If this year didn't do much, it HUMBLED us all in one shape or form. We were able to take accountability for the things we may take for granted. We were able to learn the importance of togetherness. While many of us are just looking forward to closing the year out and praying for a better 2021, the reality is we must be thankful for what we experienced in 2020 ..the good, the bad, and the in between which shaped us into who we are and where we desire to go from here.

As we prepare to take on a new season of life, I want to challenge us all to be present in this moment and really take something away from this year... what did you change? what did you learn? what do you now appreciate more that you previously took for granted? 2020 for me and most was a year of clarity. Although many off us lose, we have gained as well. So I encourage everyone to continue to learn live and love and know that 2021 is going to bring us all what we deserve.

Much Love,


J. Walker

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