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Just Checking-In July

7 months later mental health is still impacted across the globe and the IMPRINT wanted to provide a mental health exercise to support the community as they continue to push forward. With communities hitting phases, we know it is important to get outdoor exposure as many of us have been following the stay at home order. Below you will find instructions for a 3-4-person activity:


The game will start with the initial person stating a phrase that is on their heart based on the different disparities we are currently facing. The person to the left will follow up to the phrase by sharing their experience with the phrase provided and adding feelings/emotions regarding the phrase. The activity continues from one person to the next and provides a safe place to disclose the effects 2020 has had on each participant.

Example: Participant #1- “I can’t believe that even though I am working from home, I am still in a depressed state of mind.

Participant #2- A depressed state of mind is right where I am as well with trying to work, support a parent who contracted COVID while trying to maintain my own mental health. I feel like this virus is never going to end. (And so on….)

**** This is a good activity to not only self-reflect but to be a good listener to those around you who haven’t been able to share how they’ve been feeling during this time. ******

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