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BLACK lives Matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER….. Not only are we dealing with a PANDEMIC, but we continue to deal with the harsh realities of inequality that the BLACK community continues to face centuries later. BREONNA TAYLOR, GEORGE FLOYD and the millions of others who have been victim to police brutality, racism, and being looked at as a threat only because of the color of OUR skin. We are now fearful for our OWN mother’s fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins and extended family and friends…. “WHO’S NEXT? Should that even be a question asked? Unfortunately, this has become our REALITY… WE ARE TIRED! We are afraid in a country that suggest that it is here to protect and sustain inequality…. BUT what about FREDDIE GRAY, ERIC GARDNER the list goes on… But they want us to focus on the PANDEMIC. Now we are focused on walking out of our homes and not knowing if we will return. Yet and still being reminded to practice social distancing, wearing a mask and gloves, following stay at home orders and washing our hands daily…. ATATIANA JEFFERSON, AURA ROSSER, BLACK LIVES MATTER, OR DO THEY? Another question we shouldn’t have to ask. So yes, WE ARE marching, WE ARE using our voice and protesting for those who can’t. STEPHON CLARK, BOTHAM JEAN, and the list goes on. We will continue to because BLACK LIVES DO MATTER…. WE MARCH you’re mad, WE SIT DOWN, you’re mad, WE SPEAK UP, you’re mad, WE DIE, you’re SILENT. BLACK LIVES MATTER… WE at THEIMPRINT LLC “ Changing our lives through impact” are aware that BLACK LIVES DO MATTER which is why we created a BLM platform to provide our communities that are dealing with this harsh reality a safe space to discuss the things they want us to stay quiet about…


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